Your Personal Crypto and Blockchain Project&Business Advisor

Smart Advise on projects&businesses supported by Crypto&Blockchain Technologies:

1) A UNIT may be the answer to a question like one of the following in a one clock-hour of advisory, whatever comes first:

  • What is a NFT, why should I care and how does it work?
  • What philosophy beyond middlemen avoidance is behind business decentralisation using distributed technologies?
  • Does it really apply and create value to my specific project&business?
  • What are the concrete risks and opportunities for my project&business?
  • What business model should maximize the value of my project&business?
  • How and What do I need to start? Costs, Skills, technologies, partners, etc.
  • What short-medium-long term strategies should I follow? etc..

2) A UNIT may be a one clock-hour of advisory to produce a quote for a whole Consultancy work with specific goals that may include software development. If you accept the quote the UNIT cost will be discounted from the quote.

3) I DON'T give financial advisory on cryptocurrencies investment.

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