Need consultants in ML and deep learning python projects

We are looking for consultants who have extensive 8+ years of experience in Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Data Scientist by profession.

We need to engage consultants to work on the following types of projects:

Data analysis
Data Visualisation
Time Series forecasting
Object detection
Data Modelling
Data warehousing
Data Mining
Dimensionality Reduction
Object Recognition
Sentiment Analysis
Recommender Systems
Trading bot
Deep learning-based projects
Neural network-based projects
Computer vision-based projects
NLP Natural language processing based projects

We can use the following algorithms but not limited to:

ANN, CNN, RNN, GRU, XGB, SVM, GAN, LSTM, KNN, K-Means, DBSCAN, HDBSCAN, PCA, LDA, many more algorithms on demand.

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