Custom Software & Database Development

★ A full-time Developer! ★ With 15+ years of experience, I develop end-to-end applications for your specific business process. I mainly use C# .NET WinForm / WPF / UWP Cross Platform T-SQL ASP.NET Core API technologies on Windows desktop, web, and database platforms.

I worked in IT departments of companies in different sectors and in software offices with more than one team. In addition to end-to-end software development (CRM, ERP/SAP), I took over and continued to develop existing software. Real estate, information technologies, and industry are the leading sectors in which I have gained great experience.

I have a professional approach to every project. I act with a disciplinary work process from beginning to end and offer an agile and determined approach. I stick to scalable architectures and patterns accepted by software engineering. My priority is human relations and communication. I prioritize code security and versioning and do not neglect code comments. In addition to these, I prepare the user document and developer document after the project and deliver the project.

[Please contact me by clicking the button on the top right of my profile page and request the project delivery document that I have prepared as an example.]

You won't get just one more software product or one more developer on your team working with me. Whether you know to code or not, you will be aware of what is happening in the project and you will go through an instructive process.

Thank you for visiting my profile and please feel free to ask me questions about your projects.

Development and Tool Skills:
● C# .NET
● WinForm
● DevExpress
● JavaScript
● Node.JS
● .NET Framework
● Entity Framework
● Linq to Entities
● Linq to SQL
● Microsoft SQL Server
● MSLocalDB
● SQLite
● PostgreSQL
● Git
● GitHub
● Azure DevOps
● Google API
● SQL Stored Procedure
● SQL Function
● SQL Query
● Chart Report
● CRM Development
● WMS Development
● MRP Development
● B2B Development
● Software Development
● ERP Development
● SAP S/4Hana
● Windows Form
● WordPress Plugin
● Jira
● Asana
● Trello
● Visual Studio
● SQL Management Studio

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