Experts Wanted: Develop Solar Panel Recycling & Collection System

Our client is working on a project in East Asian region, to build a national recycling system for solar panels, and they are looking for experts to advise on this.

Experts should have sufficient experience to advise on the following:

  1. Operation plan for country-wide recycling and collecting solar panels.

  2. A country-wide collection system to collect waste solar panels from households.

  3. Financial modeling of a solar panel recycling and collection system.

  4. Setting up a membership system for the program.

  5. Feasibility study of the entire project, inclusive of all of the above.

We are looking to establish an expert panel comprising four to five members. Experts with the right experience could be expected to advise the working team and consultant on the above. Experts are expected to take part in advisory projects over secured telecommunication platform one hour per day, totaling two hours per week for a period of two months.

Further extension is possible, depending on the outcome of the initial findings of the project.

We will only consider candidates with a properly set up profile

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