Looking to raise funds? Get help on your deck & business model.

Raising funds for your business

Most startups and SMBs find it difficult to raise funds. Great ideas do not see the light of the day because of lack of funds.

But the fact is there are numerous ways to raise money. However not all investors may be interested in every business model to invest in. Also investors want you to spend their monies in specific ways. Therefore it is important to know the investor and pitch the way they want you to pitch to them. In other words, you will have to speak their language and you must know the languages spoken by the investors, that you are targeting.

Do you want to get onboard that journey?

If you do, connect with me.

The rates above are for the time I will spend with you and your team over virtual interactions, time I will spend on your presentation decks and the time you may use for advise that you or your team may seek from me; all rounded to the hour for each individual session. The rate does not include my referrals to investors or any interactions with them or influence on them from my side on any of the investors. The rate also does not include any physical interaction of any kind or anything that is not mentioned above. All these activities will be charged on top based on the assessment of the scope, need, requirement and expenses incurred (if any), when anyone wants to avail of these services.

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