Request Experts: Groundwater Experts for Projects in East Asia

Our client, an organization in an East Asian country, is looking for experts in the usage of groundwater.

They are intending to utilize groundwater as a channel to create new forms of business and employment. They have already carried out a pilot project to utilize groundwater for road sprinkling, air conditioning and heating.

They are looking for experts to advise on the following:

  1. Achieving carbon neutrality through the use of effluent groundwater and hydroelectric power generation.

  2. Improving groundwater management system

  3. Best practices for the utilization of spilled groundwater

  4. Technology for the utilization of spilled groundwater

  5. And others which will be revealed in detail when the experts are officially onboarded.

Experts are required to engage in discussion panels lasting one hour per week, and the entire project is expected to last about four to five weeks. All engagement will take place over teleconferencing platforms.

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