Request Experts: Renewable Energy Township in East Asian Country

Our client is a subsidiary of a state-owned enterprise of an East Asian country. They are looking for an expert who can value-add to their current township project that is entirely powered by renewable energy. The initial phase of the township project is completed, and they intend to move on with the subsequent phases.

The next phases will be to attract companies globally to invest and set up offices in this renewable energy township project. One of the main draws of this township is that companies do not need to worry about sustainability of the energy sources and also emissions from Scope 1 and 2 categories.

The expert must be able to advise on the subsequent development of the township, bringing in the concept of livability, greening, inclusive urban planning with a strong grasp on building control. Apart from these, the expert should also be able to advise on the business attraction aspects of an industrial township, how the township can best be positioned to capture future trends such as future of work, Web 3, blockchain, etc.

The advisory assignment will currently take place over teleconferencing platforms for at least 2 hours per week. The assignment would last for about 4 months. The right candidate with excellent international partnership skills could be offered a position in the business development office to help to turbocharge the growth of the township.

We will only consider candidates with properly set up profiles with listed achievements and portfolio so that we can have a clear sense of the profile.

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