Request Experts: Set up office for Built Environment Co. in S.E.A

Our client intends to set up their business presence in South East Asia and their corporate development team is working on the feasibility study on the selection of office site.

They are looking for an expert to guide the development of the feasibility study. Once engaged, the expert must be able to take part in teleconferencing with the corporate development team at least 4 hours per week. Estimated tenure for the project will last about 3 to 4 months.

The expert must be from the built environment sector and should be able to advise on the pros and cons of the identified office sites and how best to capture the most value.

He/ she should also be well-conversant about topics such as technical details of built environment projects (such as the types and availability of materials), logistics (movement of materials), manpower, greening, building control, environmental aspects, the best way forward to manage the resources and is expected to brainstorm together with the team on how sustainability issues will shape future built environment projects.

Candidates are expected to have proper profiles with the relevant experiences/ portfolios

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