Request Expertise: Setting up Nanotech firm in Southeast Asia

We are looking for an expert who has the experience of setting up nanotechnology or biotechnology company in Southeast Asia from scratch.

The expert must be able to talk about his experience of going through the entire due diligence process and considerations when deciding among the Southeast Asian countries and explain why his previously chosen destination is the top choice in all considered areas such as connectivity, manpower, manpower cost, regulations, international partnership, geopolitics, extra support from the incumbent government, etc.

Expert(s) must also be able to comment and value-add to the development work presented by the in-house corporate teams during the bi-weekly strategy review sessions.

We are looking to engage this expert(s) for our client who is currently planning to set up presence in one of the Southeast Asian countries as part of their 10 year strategy. Expert(s) could be expected to engage in strategy sessions with senior management of our client over teleconference , potentially 2 hours bi-weekly.

Meetings will take place over the company's proprietary teleconference platform which the expert will be required to download to use when selected.

We will only consider candidates with properly set up profiles with recent photograph, citing past achievements and/ or experience and portfolios if available.

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