Chief Automation Officer as a Service

What is Chief Automation Officer?

The Chief Automation Officer (CAO) is responsible for the overall digital transformation strategy of an organization and is specifically tasked with achieving the desired business objectives through digitalization and automation means. The CAO role is an all-encompassing one that spans across people, process and technology.

For the people aspect, this includes organization culture and mindset, change management, stakeholder communications, job redesign and more. From the process angle, responsibilities include not only business process redesign, automation and process orchestration, but also ensuring that all these can be achieved rapidly, sustainably and at scale though the establishment of an Automation Centre of Excellence (CoE) and/or digital factory. Finally, for technology, typical tasks include identifying and implementing the enterprise automation stack, establishing standards and best practices, ensuring security and governance, and more.

Needless to say, this appears rather daunting, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who may lack the technical know-how and resources, as well as the time investments necessary to make this digital transformation a success.

Being in this emerging automation space since 2016 and having personally worked with many SMEs over the last few years, I am acutely aware of the helplessness and frustrations that many SME business owners endure. Hence, I am launching the world’s first Chief Automation Officer as a Service (CAO-as-a-Service).

Scope of work

The scope of my services include:
- Understanding your business objectives and current challenges
- Identifying opportunities for process improvements, digitalization and automation
- Imaging the art of the possible and benchmarking against leading organizations
- Creating (and updating) your enterprise roadmap for intelligent automation
- Proposing the appropriate digital technologies to meet your business needs, including building and justifying the business case
- Providing implementation and technical support as required
- Orchestrating changes across your entire organization in a sustainable and scalable manner
- Providing general consultancy and advisory

Who am I and why should you work with me?

In early 2017, I founded [CFB Bots Pte Ltd], a leading consultancy and provider of intelligent automation solutions, the first in Singapore. My company’s vision is to power the next generation of “smart” businesses – leveraging technology to fully optimize and automate business processes and deploying human capital to work that truly matters.

To that end, since our founding, I have worked with hundreds of organizations – including multinationals, large local enterprises, government agencies and SMEs – across a wide range of different industries and business functions. My personal journey in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) started back in 2016 when I wrote my first UiPath script. As a pioneer in this emerging field, I have had the privilege of having a front-seat in the rapid evolution of the RPA market in Singapore. I am also a practitioner at heart, having helped many of our customers implement RPA successfully.

I am deeply passionate about the Future of Work in this digital-first, automation-first era. My interests include researching on the ideal robotic operating model for organizations, as well as on emerging digital technologies. I hold a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) from National University of Singapore.

In addition, I am a certified developer in some of the leading RPA software in the market, including UiPath, Microsoft Power Automate and Automation Anywhere. I am concurrently an adjunct lecturer and speaker on topics related to Digital Transformation and Intelligent Automation. I have been featured in several mainstream and online news media, including:
- The Straits Times
- Singapore Business Review
- UiPath

Get in Touch

Please [get in touch] if you are interested to work with me. I offer a complimentary one-hour consultancy session which can help you determine whether I am a good fit for you. Talk soon and good automating!

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