Genealogy Services Available

Looking to have you family Genealogy done? or perhaps your looking to find answers to the un answered questions your wondering about? I will do up to Seven generations of your family genealogy starting with you. Been at the trade since 2000. When the job is done you will be getting a digital file with the all of the following information- A print up of your last name , Origin of it and what it means, When your last name got noticed in the US. Any pictures of the people with in the generations of your project that have been found, Any Stories of the people that have been found within your tree, Any and all records that I have been able to find for the family within your tree. Above all else lets not forget- A copy of your completed family tree in Digital format that you can add to any Genealogy program to finish what got started. I have been able to trace down not only neat photos and stories but have been able to find lost people and where they were located, as well as put some lost family members in touch with each other to build relationships and share old stories and documents too.

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