Information about Genkii !


Global Community for Professional Services Providers

Genkii ! is a global talent venture that leverages on artificial intelligence system to promote its consultant's service offerings. Once a consultant and/ or advisor signs up and list their expertise with our Genkii ! system, our AI system will perform the following: 

1. Promoting the expertise listings to more than ten websites and platform to increase the listing's marketing awareness; 

2. Scouring the internet ecosystem to identify companies that may require these services and promote it directly to them; and 

3. Disparate systems located across the internet system will come together to enhance the popularity of each listing. 

The multiple prongs of our AI system were as specially designed to help our consultants and advisors to focus more on honing their expertise and delivering their work while greatly reducing marketing effort. Signing up and listing skills are free, and we will only charge a small transaction fee when the buyers take up the consultants' offers. 

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